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FOX News
Aug 5, 2012 10:00pm PDT
to talk to nasa tv live broadcasting from j.p.l. in pasadena, california. >> that converged at seven meters a second. >> right. >> and this is a separation of power light. down to 90 meters per second and sending. >> this is a power code with director of communications at this time. we're down to 86 meters per second and sending. we've lost tones from earth at this time. this is expected. we're continuing monitoring. >> and ground solution equals 18 seconds. >> standing by for back up separation. >> we're in power flight. descending about 0 meters per second. 500 meters in altitude. standing by for sky crane. >> we've found a place to come in ready for sky train 40 meters altitude. this is about 7.5 meters as expected. >> this is stable. stable. >> woo-hoo! woo! >> going to see where our curiosity will take us. >> now we know the landing was a success, lots of celebrating going on right now from jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena. tom, we see celebrating but what does this mean now that the landing was a success. >> this just opens the next chapter in mars exploration, congratulat
FOX News
Aug 5, 2012 8:00am PDT
of people out here at jpl about the prospect of putting curiosity down at this location and about the pictures and ideas that will come back right away. take a listen to what they said. >> there's a lot of intellectual investment. the team has developed a truly fantastic, novel architecture that is the product of our imagination. it is exactly what we think it should be. so we are all in on this. >> reporter: they are definitely all in, and we can give you kind of a close up look of what curiosity pretty much looks like. this is obviously not curiosity itself, it's a model. it gives you an idea. about the size of an suv, and the technology on this, kelly, is unbelievable. >> as you've heard, they're all in, and if all goes well, what will this rover be doing when it actually it was down? >> reporter: well, you can get an idea. we have animation but also from ththe --live look as well. this rover -- the best way to put it. if you've been to the grand canyon or seen pictures, you've seen stripes of rock going all the way down the canyon. each one of those stripes is a slice of life.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2